Positive Word of Mouth Advertising

All computers come with different complications. However, some computer companies might try harder to fix the problems than other companies. As an owner of a Dell laptop, I have encountered a few problems with my computer, but have managed to fix it all by myself, without the need to call the company and ask for help or complain about my problems on the Internet.

Two years ago, Dell had a huge problems with their customers' opinions about their laptops and desktop computers. They expressed their voice online, and because of this, hurt Dell immensely. If you googled Dell on the Internet, you found many people crticizing the computers and the company. Because of this, Dell tried to fix their computers as much as they could and listen more to the complaints from their customers. Dell has been trying to increase its consumer report online and has been trying to decrease the amount of negative feedback from its' community.

Dell believes that if they improve the opinions of their customers, it will provide a better source of advertisement than using advertisements to spread the word about Dell. They believe that the satisfied consumers will spread their compliments to other computer users and create positive word of mouth advertiseming. Creating a positive word of mouth is the ultimate goal of Dell and they base their advertisement on this strategy. They hope to even better their ties with their customers and get as much feedback to their community as possible.