Burger Prices on the Rise?...

I love burgers, and I have to admit I like Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and pretty much every single fast food restaurant, but I rarely (and I mean rarely) eat at any of those places. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m a health freak, although I have found myself to be more health conscious within the past year, but if I’m being honest, the real reason that I hardly ever eat from those places isn’t because the food isn’t delicious (because it is), but because of the after effects. I can remember eating McDonald’s and Burger King all the time when I was a kid and feeling great and energized after the meal, but nowadays one Big Mac can ruin my day. I literally feel sick to the point that I don’t even want to go forward with the rest of my scheduled daily activities.

Burger King, however, maybe in an attempt to recapture former devotees such as myself, is introducing a new burger which happens to be the most expensive burger in the world! Now, I know your thinking that this has to be some sort of hoax or marketing ploy, but it really is true. It is safe to say that the most expensive burger in the world isn’t found in an elite Manhattan restaurant, but in a small Burger King in West London. This $190 burger (Yes, $190) isn’t offered every day, but only on Thursday’s at only one location, and I think it is very important to mention the fact that all proceeds from the sale of the burger go to a local children’s charity.

Mark Dowding, Burger King’s head of product and innovation for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, commented on the development of such a unique and unprecedented burger. “The idea is to change perceptions by pushing the envelope to raise awareness of our ambitions. We have emphasized the quality to create noise and interest in the market." And it seems as though they have brought some much needed attention to a brand that’s market has shrunk over the last decade. What I’m wondering now is what rival McDonald’s has planned to counter-act all of this attention that Burger King is getting. Thus far there hasn’t been any word as to what they have in store, but McDonald’s is enjoying some recognition in London as they have recently refurbished their restaurants and created healthier menus.

Personally, I believe that this technique to attract more customers has really paid off for Burger King, obviously not in terms of money because all of the proceeds from “the world’s most expensive burger” go to charity, but it has brought media and consumer attention to the fast food chain. Even I, a former Burger King customer from New York City, caught wind of this story and it actually got my attention and captured my interest. As much as I hate to admit it, I would actually like to try this burger and see if it is worth the money. Of course I wouldn’t actually go to London and buy it, but I do have some curiosity as to how it tastes.