Cold Stone getting the cold shoulder

Cold Stone Creamery is famous for their great tasting ice cream and infamous for their high prices. As consumers looking for good quality in the items we buy, we continue to purchase Cold Stone ice cream. But is the creamery shop we've become accustomed to diminishing before our very eyes?

Apparently, inexperienced franchisees have been buckling under the pressure of maintaining their shops and weren't getting any help from their main company. "A number of franchisees also contend the company misled them, giving them promises of profit potential that proved unrealistic or inaccurate revenue numbers from existing stores. And some say they got little help from the company as their stores went under."

Before Kahala Corp. acquired Cold Stone it was an independent brand for 19 years. As a frequent visitor to local Cold Stone franchises, I hope that Kahala plans to help grow average annual store sales soon and that they realize that giving franchisees the "cold shoulder" is greatly affecting an ice cream store we've grown to love.