Go Gillette!

I can't speak for everyone but I must admit that when I see something that has a Cornell logo on it, I want it. I want it for no reason other than I love Cornell, and thus I love anything with its name on it. Many of my friends feel the same way. They don't have to say it, but just by taking a quick glance around their room and seeing all sorts of college paraphernalia, I know its true. For that matter, many of the adults I know who went to big colleges or universities are still huge supporters of their alma mater

Gillette has realized the power a logo can have and has teamed up with University of California Berkeley (among other schools) to create a college specific razor. The fusion power razor comes with a variety of logos at the end of the handle. It take the simple shaving device and makes it an object of school spirit.

This is a great way to get people to buy the razor. Plus this unique advertisement gets people talking. And, it gives the razor the extra push when making a decision on what to buy- the plain boring everyday razor, or the one that supports your school! For now there isn't a Cornell razor, but when it comes out, I will definitely be there to get it!