Got Water?

Each year the Red Cross teams up with a Brussels radio station (Studio Brussels) to host a charity event "Music for Life." Listeners can call in and donate in order to request a song. This year, the charity event was raising money for drinkable water. Every 15 seconds a child dies due to a lack of drinkable water. An advertising company in Belgium was brought in to help get the word out about the event and the cause.

After throwing around some ideas, they came up with the winner. During prime time television, a small boy runs onto live television and grabs the anchor's glass of water and chugs it. In order to make the responses as authentic as possible, the only people who knew about the promotion were the studio owners. During a three day span, the boy ran out onto five different shows. People across the country were talking about the thirsty kid, not fully understanding what happened. Monday morning Studio Brussels announced they were behind the thirsty kid and explained how important drinkable water is. A commercial then aired explaining it as well.

Now while this is clearly memorable, was it successful as well?? Yes it was!! Belgians donated 3,353,568 euro ($5,227,877.08) to the cause in only six days. It was the most successful Music for Life so far! This type of attention grabbing advertising is definitely worth it. It gets people to listen to your message rather than just zone you out.