Sprint Instinct Challenge

Sprint came out with a new phone called the Instinct! It's actually pretty cool, and it looks EXACTLY like the iphone! I actually got a little aggravated because I used to be a Sprint girl my whole entire life until my dad decided to switch over to Verizon. And since Verizon, I have been waiting anxiously for a touch phone because I'm obsessed with the iphone! Now the best part of the new phone is not the actual phone itself (besides the fact that it looks identical to the Apple iphone), but their new marketing campaign that came with the release of the Instinct.

Sprint's strategy is a Hollywood sell out idea.The whole marketing strategy for the Instinct is to "sell out" your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone whom you know and post your videos on youtube. First you have to send in a very personal or family moment, like your baby crawling, your sister getting married, etc. and while these scenes are occurring pop up the Sprint Instinct in the middle of the shot. Funny right? Now the best part of this contest is the prize! A whopping $10,000! Entertaining? I think so!