The Effects of the Wonderbra

Wonderbra has been making the same promise to women for years: provide support and curves while making a woman look sexy. But with its new campaign, I'm curious if this is the goal accomplished.

Usually when visiting a train station there is a yellow line warning passengers to stand back while waiting for the train. But in Singapore at above-ground MRT stations, things have changed. Now when waiting for the train there is a second yellow safety line, this one labeled "Wonderbra." This very clever ad is playing with the idea that the extra bust support and enhancement will leave women having to stand further back in order to avoid getting hit by the coming train. While clearly an exaggeration, the idea behind this ad is very creative and definitely gets people thinking about the product. Its a great job by the creative team in thinking out of the box without being too abstract. However, in a lot of the articles I saw regarding this ad, people out of the US said it took them too long to figure out what it was implying. That leaves me wondering how successful it really is. I guess only time will tell