Calling All Vampires!

Real friends don’t let friends eat friends… or at least that’s what HBO has been telling people lately. A new vampire show called True Blood premieres on Sept. 7th and HBO launched a huge campaign this past month to promote the new show. The have launched a synthetic blood nourishment beverage (its protein based in reality) called True Blood. There are different “flavors”: O, A, B, and AB. Clever. The website for Tru Blood has a “type-finder” quiz you can take to figure out your preferred blood type. In addition to the website HBO is using commercials to promote the product in which a group of guys are sitting around a camp fire and one of their friends appears (now a vampire). To save their lives, they hand him a Tru Blood and all is well. The tagline is “All Flavor. No Bite.”
I must admit the campaign is quite clever and it is definitely attention grabbing. Anytime a tv show or movie can brand itself outside of said show or movie it’s always a great marketing strategy. The more you can immerse the public into the program, the better. This Tru Blood beverage seems like it’s something younger kids and teenage boys would buy up like crazy. They love that gross fake stuff that is edible. But remember, HBO reminds vampires to drink responsibly.