93% of Americans Expect to Interact with Companies on Social Networks!

In a study just released by Cone Communications, Americans overwhelmingly spoke out in favor of interacting with companies and brands on the social networks on which they spend so much time online. The numbers are staggering: 60% of respondents currently interact with companies on a social media site, and 93% feel companies should have a presence on major social media sites.

I'm a big fan of this study- as it's right in line with my expectations for what companies should be doing. I'm surprised by just how large the percentages are- as there are definitely some folks, young and old, who'd rather not interact with companies, prefering privacy over ease of use.

Facebook and MySpace - watch out - just when you thought you couldn't possibly keep growing this fast- here comes Corporate America.

I strongly believe that the next 12 months will see many thousands of companies and brands getting officially onto Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other online social networks. Companies will begin to see the need to have a presence on these sites as important as the need to have a website was 10-12 years ago.

And obviously, based upon Cone's study, I'm certainly not alone.