Crazy Lettuce!

As Wendy's tries to separate themselves from the rest of the unhealthy food chain world, this advertisement may not help them at all. This is Wendy's attempt at going viral and I just don't think it worked too well. The commercial makes sense in a way because they are trying to promote their "meatatarian" campaign. "Their burgers are so good that lettuce will even eat them." I see what they're trying to do with this advertisement, but I just don't think it is succeeded.

Wendy's sees it at a low risk with a possible high reward type thing because the commercial only cost them $25,000, while the average T.V. commercial costs $300,000.Personally, when I first saw the commercial, I thought that it was pretty cool. I may have even had a slight chuckle. However,that's all it does. The commercial provides you with a possible laugh. The advertisement in no way is making me want to go get a burger from Wendy's or promoting anything to me in a real persuading way.

When looking at other viral advertisements, Wendys' "crazy lettuce" falls short because I believe it's just not funny enough to leave a positive lasting image. Another thing that hurts the advertisement is that it isn't real. The commercial isn't authentic, and you can label it as phony I guess. The positives of the advertisement are that they're focusing on the product and don't stray away from what they're trying to promote. Maybe the video will help Wendys' sales, who knows?