Gates and Seinfeld, parte deux

Confronted with the second in a new series of Windows brand commercials featuring Jerry Seinfeld and the legendary Bill Gates, I at first was unimpressed. As a fervent supporter of the first of these strange spots, I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement when the latest installment of Bill & Jerry's awkward adventures came on my TV screen.

To be perfectly honest, the second spot did not make as powerful an impression on me as the first, most likely because the initial shock factor of the pairing in general had worn off. That being said, I am sticking to my guns on this ad campaign - I still love it. As with the first, I warm up to the commercial the more I see it. While the first was merely an introduction to the duo's almost discomforting awkwardness, the second delves more deeply into the issue of "losing touch" with society - or more specifically, your customers. The commercial earns additional appeal with its portrayal of an "average" family, complete with quirky old grandmother and video game enthusiast child (Xbox reference much?)

Yet what's most important in this second installment is the mere fact that the odd couple states outright that they are "a little out of it." Acknowledging this fundamental issue which plagues Microsoft's brand image is the first step towards a solution and renewed loyalty in one's customer base. I have already discussed at some length the combined importance of being open to your mistakes, resolving them, and continuing to foster an open dialogue with your customers; more than anything, I'm hoping that these commercials are the beginning of such a process.