I do have to make a confession, like many there are things or television shows that we watch and or do that we do not want anyone else to know about! So here goes, after-all sex lies and confessions are what makes us American and or human.

Growing up in New York City and going to school in Manhattan with all of the clutter of ads musicals and people you tend to see that sex is everywhere and helps sell whatever it is you are trying to sell. Well growing up i read a lot of Gossip Girls and with the season premier coming out today it is only fitting to talk about it. I remember every chapter every character and it is not like the television drama today everything they are showing is sex and drugs they did deal with other issues besides that you know.

I understand that sex and hot bodies sells a lot but where you do draw the line in prime time television. I remember growing up staying up past my bed time to watch shows that if my mother knew i was watching i would have been grounded but now it is ok to watch them because everyone is talking about it. I guess that is their way of breaking through this clutter we have today to just show scandal, sex, lies, drugs and back to the video tape. But the only good thing i can see coming out of watching this show because it is on prime time that it gives the window of talking to your parents about boys/girls, sex, drugs or anything else that they show in the television drama room to talk about.

That is what is really needed today because there is lack of communication about these topics in school and at home. So watch at your own risk and do not judge my guilty pleasure but embrace it because you know you love me xoxo~deanna.