A Note to Big Business: Why you should take down your social networking firewall NOW.

Reuters just picked up a piece that talks about the benefit of companies that allow their employees to use social networking. Apparently Demos, a British think-tank says bosses should not stop their staff using social networking sites because they could actually benefit their firms.

The primary reason that they think it's good to play around on your Facebook or Myspace (or Bebo-- this is a piece written in London, after all!)is networking. Practicing the expert art of networking in this extremely difficult economic climate, is KEY. Reconnecting with my old elementary school friend Douglas Sipkin, for instance, might get me some great investing advice for my business. Bobby Lopez went to the same high school as my husband. They reconnected on Facebook, and TA DA...we had a company outing to see Avenue Q!

Remember that the key word in Social Networking is, in fact, NETWORKING. The opportunities when you let employees engage in this kind of stuff is priceless. Think about it...imagine you banned socializing from the office? Break it up, girls....no talking by that water cooler! Allowing access to sites gives your employees the feeling that you TRUST them to behave appropriately.

One more reason for your company to block that damn firewall on social networks....when theKbuzz comes in to show you the benefits of Social Networking....well, we can't SHOW you if you don't have ACCESS! So, get on it, companies!