An open letter to Facebook on the merits of live customer service

As theKbuzz Community Developer, I do a lot of work on Facebook: creating business profiles using "pages," promoting events, and of course running Facebook ads. While pages and event invites are 100% free, advertisers do need to bid for ad space on the site, which naturally requires that a valid credit card be listed under your billing info at all times. So you can imagine my dismay when I had to change over to a new credit card number and the request simply would not go through, bouncing a "Sorry, your request could not be processed at this time" message back at me each time I tried it. It was the first time in my 4 years as a Facebook user that I wondered if Facebook had a customer service number to call for immediate assistance with this issue. After all I am a serious, paying customer now; I might not expect someone to pander immediately to my standard Facebook user woes, but if I am purchasing anything from anyone, I expect there to be somewhere to turn for direct customer support.

Apparently Facebook doesn't agree.

When I googled the number, I found a (presumably old) 415 number and then, after further digging, what is now the corporate number for Facebook: 650 543 4800. I called, and right from the start I was given the option to press 1 if I was "a user looking for customer care." Excited, I emphatically dialed 1 in the hopes that my credit card issues could be resolved... but I was left with this message:
"Unfortunately at this time we do not offer phone support for our user inquiries. All account questions are to be submitted via e-mail..."
followed by Facebook's general inquiries e-mail address.

Having already contacted Facebook via e-mail/Facebook help, I felt like I'd hit a dead end. What do I do now? Sit here and wait until Facebook finds the time for my e-mail so I can get back to business as usual running my ads and building my pages?

It's been a good 24 hours now since I've sent in my request for help and still no word from Mark Zuckerberg or anyone else on the Facebook team. And it all just makes me wonder - what is Facebook's justification for lacking a customer service line? Is it the negative association with customer service calls - the thought that a customer can only get the help they need by screaming and threatening to cancel their account until a "manager" comes to the phone? While I in no way support the downfall of good old-fashioned interpersonal communication (i.e. phone and in-person conversation), what about live chat, then? Surely there must be some real-time help alternative that Facebook could look into so that I don't have to waste a few days waiting for an e-mail. What Facebook's current "customer service" says to me is, "Our time is more important than your individual satisfaction."

So this is my plea to everyone out there with customers to satisfy: don't ignore the importance of quick, personal, and reliable customer service. I am investing my time and money while building and expanding your company in my own way! I always thought that readily available customer support was just a natural consequence of that.