Are companies really too lazy to speak with their customers?

I friggin' love this guy. He's an internet celebrity of sorts-- an expert at personal branding, much like this guy I know and love.

Anyway, Gary gave a keynote at the Digital Marketing Mixer. He talked about how it's
"easier for companies to stick with the status quo rather than have an actual conversation with customers. This quote in particular was my favorite:

"The problem is, these companies don't want to work. I get it. I'm a consultant, I get it! You come in, you do this, you do that....they'd much rather give an agency $100,000 to run ads in the New York Post, commercials, pizza boxes, direct mail, and Stern radio ads, and they're done, right? They're clowns, don't feel bad for them. Let them die!"

This is so true, Gary. We see it all the time. Part of the problem is, even when you have consultants after consultants managing your social networking profiles, at the end of the day, it's the company that needs to have a direct message to engage with their customers in a conversation. And it's not them SCREAMING a message on twitter, or facebook, or any new sexy sn of the month. It's learning how your customer communicates, and following their lead. That takes time, and dedication. But, if done correctly, it's a hell of a lot more valuable than an ad on a dying medium.