Are you there Google? It's me, Margaret!

So, recently, I uploaded one of the Youtube videos for our Fans of Fios Program for Verizon. I got a message from Youtube about four hours later. They said that the video contained music owned by a company, and that the company has decided to "let me use the music". In exchange, they have access to the video and can post on it. I also had the option to remove the video, or to claim that the music, which happened to be "Loser" by Beck, was my own. Since I did not write "Loser", I knew that wasn't going to happen. And so, I decided to let the music company share in our contestant's glorious video. If you check out the video, you will see ads that we don't profit from.

Google has long tried to monetize Youtube. This idea is really revolutionary. Our Fan of FiOS used music that wasn't his. Youtube is saying, THAT'S OKAY. We're not going to CHARGE you for it, we are just going to allow the company that owns the music advertise on your video, and we are going to make a cut. Fan of FiOS, you can still make your cutesy video. Company, you can still make money. Youtube viewers, you can still have cool content which is enhanced by your favorite tunes. They are also allowing you to download songs found on Youtube music videos directly to your MP3 player.

I love it. For more information on how Youtube is becoming more profitable and Google is taking over the universe, click here.