BoA will "Eat You Up," but will Americans return the favor?

Korean pop star BoA, popular in both South Korea and Japan, is making her U.S. debut later this month with a brand new single, "Eat You Up." The popular artist is releasing two separate music videos for the occasion - one for the American audience and one for Korean and other Asian audiences. The 45-second teasers released through the web already show key differences in the planned marketing towards both demographics. The first focuses a little more on BoA's sex appeal while the second focuses more on special effects and her dancing:

BoA - "Eat You Up" teaser (verison A)

BoA - "Eat You Up" teaser (version B)

If you guessed that version A is the American video, you're correct! The differences between the videos say two things to me:
• Nobody cares about MVs in America anymore (otherwise version A might be half as hardcore as version B)
• American marketers are operating under the assumption that BoA can't make it in the U.S. without exploiting her sex appeal

BoA's sound and musical style aren't anything special for American audiences hearing this song. Considering this and the single's relatively standard, shallow, bubblegum pop lyrics, it's not surprising that an American MV director would want the video to focus more on BoA's look than version B does. That being said, I don't think sex appeal alone is going to be enough for a real break into the American pop music scene - it's more of a base requirement than a differentiator. Right now, when I think a lot of us are still shamelessly craving the "real" Britney comeback, complete with popping dance numbers and elaborate concert shows, BoA's performance style is the perfect fill for the void. I just hope the full version A video showcases her talents in this area a lot more than the teaser implies.