Plastered all over my Facebook friends' posted items page the last few days, this video is exactly what "viral" is supposed to be. The video, titled "5 friends" is aimed at the youngest 18-25 voter demographic and features a laundry list of celebrities telling you NOT to vote. Obviously that isn't the actual point of the message, but it certainly grabs your attention (and if that doesn't, you should know that Sarah Silverman takes off her bra during the last half. Seriously.) Celebrities spend the last minute of the video imploring viewers to share the message with 5 of their friends, who should then share it with 5 of their friends in turn, and so on and so forth. Entering your address into google maps' 2008 voter information page, the link to which is provided in the video, lets you know how many days are left to register to vote in your state and provides links to obtain voter registration, absentee ballots, and check your own registration status. I've done my part in sharing this video - have you?