Facebook's Petabyte is Dynamite, but my Bubbe still wants those printed photos!

I put all of my pictures on Facebook. All of them. Photos from theKbuzz...photos of my kids...you name it, it's there. It's a photo-essay of my existence, really. And that's why I was not shocked when I saw this announcement from Doug Beaver at Facebook that they have a PETABYTE of photos. That's over 10 billion photos with four different viewing sizes. Technically, there are FORTY billion photos and counting. Amazing. Other interesting FB photo facts include 300,000 images served on Facebook PER SECOND, with 15 BILLION being served per day. (Hey, if I had a dollar for every photo, we'd have the economic bailout paid back in just about 46 days!)

But something has long been bothering me about Facebook's photo sharing business. Every day, I tell my bubbe that I took new photos, and she says...I want to order them! Put them up on Snapfish! I grumble about this constantly in the office, and went on a search for Snapfish, to try and get them to bring an app to Facebook that would make Bubbe's dream a reality. Lo and behold, they are on Facebook, and customers are talking about this very thing!

I challenge my buzz builders-- Find me an app that does this! And leave it to Devin...she sends me this application. 5400 monthly users, but lots of complaints about picture quality. Then I see the conversation continues....check out Walmart's photo gift forum where people continue to discuss the low grade quality of prints on Facebook.

Finally, in my little research project, I befriend and message the admin of the FB Snapfish page. Snapfish is, after all, my photo printer of choice. Why can't they do this, I say? It turns out, this resolution problem is not so easy to overcome.

Here's my point. If Facebook can get users to share a PETABYTE worth of photos...can't they figure out a way to make it so that they can print those photos? There must be a way. The company that gets there first (and I hope it's Snapfish, personally) will win, big time, both with Bubbes and bloggers everywhere.