In a Tough Economy, 20 Ways to Market Your Business for Free Today! (or Close to Free!)

We know many companies may be doing some of these things, and a few may even be doing all of these things. But we're constantly surprised at how many companies and organizations are still doing few to none of these things. In a struggling economy, you want to be able to grow your company or organization while limiting the amount of money you spend on marketing. Therefore, instead of costly traditional media such as television, radio, print and outdoor, we present you with 20 things you can do today that cost little to nothing. These apply to everyone, from a one-person company to a huge global corporation. Of course, if you need help with executing any of these ideas, feel free to contact us. Best of luck!

1) Create a Facebook Page. Facebook Pages are made for businesses and can truly spread virally if done right. Will also help your natural search tremendously.
2) Create a Myspace Page. MySpace is still the number one social network in the world and your company can express itself here well with music and visuals.
3) Start a Twitter account. Show your expertise to the world on whatever it is you do and/or sell.
4) Get you and your employees on LinkedIn. Professional networking really doesn't just take place at rubber chicken dinners anymore.
5) Create your own social network at Ning. You can create a community for your employees, for your customers, or for your prospects.
6) Create a YouTube channel and make your first video. You don't need a tv commerical budget to shoot a viral video. All you need is an incredible, creative idea. Check out for inspiration.
7) Create a Blog. Again, you can share your expertise with the world. Be consistent, and provide value, and your readers will grow quickly.
8. Comment on other Blogs. Increase your visibility by providing expertise outside of your own blog.
9) Create an Ambassador Program. Take the top 5 or 10% of your current customers, and formally ask them to spread the word about you. You'd be surprised how willing they'll be.
10) Host events for your best customers. Getting your customers together will excite you and them about spreading the word!
11) Get on Yahoo Answers. Again, show your expertise, and the customers will eventually follow.
12) Use Bookmarking Widgets on your Website(s). Allow others to share your site(s) with tools like Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.
13) Brainstorm Buzzworthy Ideas. You can use lots of tools to share your company, but you've got to have things worth talking about!
14) Start a Google AdWords Campaign. Ok, this one isn't free, but you can control your costs, and you only pay when people visit your site.
15) Create a Podcast. Once again, show your expertise, don't just sell your products or services.
16) Use Craigslist. It may not be as glamorous or as highly used as newer sites, but depending on your needs, it may still help.
17) Create a mobile version of your websites and blogs. is one free service where you can do this.
18) Plan to attend a conference to learn more. Ok, this one isn't free either, but sometimes people learn better this way.
19) Check out Case Studies. There are obviously millions of places to do this, but too we like are and (of course)
20) Learn more on Mashable. There is an unending wealth of further resources on and thousands of other sites. Learn. Market. Grow.