Shake it up!... if you don't get a headache from watching

I know, I know - everyone loves Nintendo's "Shake It Up!" ad on YouTube because it's super cool and original and - most importantly - unexpected. It's an ad that you'll definitely remember, especially if you frequent YouTube (as many do) and suddenly see the page start falling apart right before your eyes. You might be confused or even worried at first: Is it my computer? Is it my internet connection speed somehow messing with the page? Well, fear not - it's just Nintendo's most recent internet ad campaign for the new Wario Land: Shake It! game for the Nintendo Wii.

But honestly? As a gamer of sorts myself, I would like to see the actual gameplay! Plus the shaking kind of reminds me of all those people who complained about headaches after watching Cloverfield back in January.

Small criticisms aside, I love the idea behind it and furthermore I want to highlight the website that follows when you click the link provided. gives users a chance to experience the game (to a limited extent of course) online. Rather than simply posting standard text and video explanations and examples, the site requires you to click and "shake" your mouse in order to navigate through the sections. It isn't so much that I want to highlight this site as being unique and original as I think the two sites ( and compliment each other very well. The YouTube page is a great ad that grabs your initial attention, but I was even happier to see it as part of an integrated web campaign with an interactive website where I can browse through images that don't shake uncontrollably.