Sure Payroll knows for SURE-- small businesses need social networking!

Found this release on the newswire today about a survey done by a payroll company to its small business clients! Super cool!

says almost all of their small business owners see the value in Social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. (Side note: Why doesn't my payroll company ever survey me? Paychex customers want a voice too, you know!)

Here is my favorite fact from their findings:
- One out of every five of the small business owners polled had actually obtained at least one new customer as a direct result of using social media.

“Social networking offers small business owners an inexpensive and effective way for them to connect with their customers and prospects.” says SurePayroll Online Marketing Manager David Rohrer. “It is no longer just an outlet for personal use -- it’s rapidly becoming a must for business success. Big business is tapping into the blogosphere and posting their company profile pages in online communities. Small business owners need to do the same. What’s so great about the online world is you don’t need a million-dollar marketing budget. In fact, the most effective online connections are free personal communications from a business owner to their community.”

I'm glad SurePayroll gets it. Customers get it too! As we've mentioned before, the Sept 2008 study by Cone states that six out of 10 Americans who use social media interact with companies on social media Web sites. Likewise, 85% of social media users believe companies should interact with their consumers through social media outlets.

While the majority of SurePayroll respondents indicated social media is useful for business purposes, a third answered that they were unsure of social media’s role in the business world. To us, that represents a tremendous opportunity, both for the businesses who are in first, and those that don't yet understand. For businesses that are in-- grow grow grow! For businesses that don't, we offer free social media trainings to help you learn!

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