West Virginia = The State of Social Networking? Who knew?

I might be wrong, but when I think of West Virginia, I think of vast landscapes, miners, and a helluva accent. I do not, however, think of WV as being at the forefront of social networking. Apparently, the entire state of West Virginia is proving me wrong.

West Virginia's governor recently announced his intention to create a social network for the state of West Virginia. The idea came from a student who was looking to interact with other youth in the area. He felt that students who are embarrassed or uncomfortable asking questions about navigating through the education system might be more apt to ask peers online.

"Many times students, and it's not always for financial reasons, don't feel accepted or included in the normal range of communication," Governor Manchin said. "I think (the forum) would just be another source of information for students."

Allowing West Virginian youth to communicate freely on a government website? Now THAT'S buzz-worthy!