What kind of ad can make us mad enough to post a viral video? Corn Syrup!

Devin is an awesome blogger, with her finger on the pulse of the twenty-something perspective on ads and buzz in the marketplace. And so, when she told me to check out her post on HFCS, I did, and I was so interested that I had to post a response formally. (Sorry to bump you down a post, D!)

I couldn't believe the ad....specifically because, as a parent, I definitely worry about giving my kids too much of the junk. As a parent, I thought the ad was remarkably deceptive. But as a marketer, what peaked my interest specifically was the unprompted reaction from the Youtube community. Hippies, college students, nutritionists and moms, all banding together to challenge the authenticity of this paid advertisement. I put my absolute favorite one here:

The lesson? If you want to create an ad that mocks people who are trying to get their families healthy amidst an obesity/health CRISIS, be prepared for the viral backlash to be stronger, funnier, and more effective. theKbuzz. OUT.