Are you sure you want to leave Facebook?

You know that Facebook is really huge when clicking a link to a non-Facebook website prompts this warning message:

Am I sure I'm comfortable leaving Facebook? Is it safe? Can't I find something just as good as the link I clicked right here in the safety and security of My favorite part of it is the exclamation point, usually used on Facebook to denote an error occurring on the site - clearly there must have been some sort of mistake when I considered navigating away from Facebook!

This message is yet another sign that Facebook is making its way towards world domination. If my generation is too lazy to physically go to the bank or to the mall to take care of Christmas shopping then I guess the new generation is too insecure to navigate away from their Facebook chat/notifications bar.

Whether or not that explanation is too harsh, the point remains that Facebook and its users have come to expect that everything you could possibly need should be available on Facebook's server. So if none of the other hundreds of blog posts out there discussing the importance of a Facebook presence for your company, I hope this revelation about Facebook's own methods of keeping users within site limits helps to convince you.