Congratulations to Social Networks...Oh, and to Obama too!

And the winner is....Social Networking!

At least, according to Business Week, we have a clear winner in this election, and that is social networking.

In 2004, Youtube had just launched. Facebook and Twitter weren't here yet. It was a different time. Remember when, in order to inspire the youth demo to vote, you had to do a huge expensive buy on MTV? Not anymore. True, there were the Sarah Silverman's Schlep and the Don't Vote campaigns...but these were executed online.

Today, I write more as a Facebook "friend" than a marketer-- more as a tweet voyeur than twitter participant. I watched the election unfold on social networks. I watched friends and distant friends talk about the election. I am 100% positive that this election became a landslide win due to Social Networking and the speed in which we can now communicate. And, as a marketer, and as a person, that is simply amazing to me.

That's all I have to say today.