Put the "giving" back in Thanksgiving!

Today is the big kick-off for Epic Change's Tweetsgiving meme - and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of it!

The idea is simple: to use the power of social media (with Twitter, specifically) to spread gratitude while inspiring others to contribute to a great cause - the ultimate goal being to raise $10,000 in 48 hours to build a classroom in Tanzania.

To participate, twitterers simply tweet whatever they are thankful for (a new job, their family, the male cast of Heroes, etc.) and include the #Tweetsgiving tag along with the link to http://tinyurl.com/4thanks. The link to donate is on the site, along with a list of "Top Turkeys" to give special attention to those who give $100 or more. Epic Change also offers a great incentive for smaller donations. Namely, anyone who contributes at least $10 purchases a brick that will be used to build a wall in the Tanzanian classroom. Your own personal tweet will be painted on these bricks, demonstrating every $10 donor's unique contribution to the project!

We love this project, not only because it supports a great cause and spreads gratitude in the spirit of the holiday season, but we can see the power of social media in action! Should Epic Change succeed in garnering $10,000 (or more) in donations by spreading the word through tweets and blog posts alone, it will demonstrate the ability of social networking to call individuals to action in clearly measurable terms - something that social media marketers are constantly struggling to prove.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting!