Top Ten Tips for Successful Buzz Marketing Campaigns

OK, WOM ethical disclosure: These top ten tips are not from me, they're from Hyperlaunch's Simon Quall. But I like them a lot. Do you? Tell me what you think. Here goes....

"Here are my top ten tips for successful buzz marketing campaigns:
Always begin by stating your involvement in the campaign in an appropriate way.

Ascertain the currency of an individual's influence amongst their peers -- this is the imperative for word of mouth so, don't undervalue an individual's power.

You're talking to human beings one-to-one -- be honest and transparent, succinct and accurate and personalise all your messages accordingly.

Avoid "tell & sell" marketing -- it doesn't create and foster engagement.

Never engage in "flaming" (arguing) in the social media word of mouth context.

Value advocates and respect their individuality and integrity, irrespective of whether they are paid for their engagement or not.

Expect the unexpected -- results are sometimes much better or sometimes much worse than you might plan for or expect and that might include seemingly nothing happening at all. If the message has been correctly and thoughtfully constructed there will be an effect with the recipient even if they don't get back to you.

Value all engagement,even if it doesn't create an obvious and immediate benefit. The "long tail" really does exist and can be engaged measurably through social media conversation.

Listen first, talk later. A key component of effective word of mouth is to see it as the end product of a dialogue and engagement that starts with listening and understanding."

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Simon Quance is head of digital PR and engagement at Hyperlaunch.