Wait, you mean no one has a LuvCrush on me?-- Social Networking False Ads Get Removed!


I just read this article and now I'm sad. Apparently, someone does not have a luv crush on me, as my facebook profile ad suggested. Well, it wasn't really me, but many of my single friends have received advertisements talking about the secret crushes that supposedly love them. After they go through a variety of different clicks to try and find out who has a crush on them, they realize that they are in fact, being directed to this. Also, they now have a crapload of spyware on their computer, slowing them down, and aggravating everyone!

Tatto media claims that they do Smart Behavioral Advertising out of Seattle WA. I guess they are not so smart after all, since LuvCrush is now history, and they've agreed to take down the deceptive ads.

Deceptive social networking advertising. It's hard enough for social media companies to prove that we are a legitimate form of communication with consumers. We don't need fake LuvCrushes bringing us down!