When Motrin Creates a Marketing Mom Miss...

Oh, man. What a miss this is.

You can just see the creatives sitting in a room. A bunch of men, or maybe 20-something women. All those stupid trendy slings those moms wear. They must hurt! These moms need Motrin!

In fact, Motrin, baby slings offer relief from back pain. They are often the first item new moms want on their registry. The fact that they are stylish is BECAUSE the need for the sling is so great-- not because they are trying to make something stylish in order to get people to buy it!

I would not have been aware of this ad, of course, unless I saw it on Twitter. I've been playing around on Twitter a lot lately, trying to decide if I want to be the corporate voice of theKbuzz, or if I want to really develop my own personal twitter which I just started recently. My mommy friends on my personal twitter all linked to blogs they wrote, like this one and this one, my particular favorite.

Here on buzzmarketingdaily, we often ask the question...how can brands FIX marketing missteps. And so, today, my twosse, my friends, I ask you. How can Motrin fix this? I have my answer, but I'll reply in comments. Let's start a conversation.