Will social networking predict the election?

We all knew that Obama was dominating the presidential campaign on social networks, and this post at Web Strategy by Jeremiah provides a very clear, concise overview of the sheer numbers involved in these internet campaigns.

I've written about Obama's unique campaign tactics before, and I feel that his unprecedented national campaign success in the social networking world is worth discussing again now that the election season is coming to an end. Regardless of tomorrow night's election results, Obama's definitely won the battle on social media. I mean, just look at these facebook status results:

There's no denying that the Obama craze prevalent across social networking sites as summarized in Jeremiah's blog post has contributed to his overall success on the campaign trail. MyBarackObama.com goes so far as to enlist volunteers to make phone calls on behalf of the campaign, supplying lists of phone numbers to anyone just for signing up on the website - no footwork to your local volunteer office required whatsoever. While Obama's extremely wide winning margin across social networking sites is not by any means an accurate representation of the voting public as a whole, one can argue that it represents a few specific demographics - most obviously the 18-25 bracket. I'm interested to see the results of future studies on this campaign. What percentage of these numbers will translate into real votes?