YouTube Live Marks Turning Point in Online Video

Last night marked the debut of YouTube Live, a concert-meets awards show featuring literally dozens of YouTube stars and entertainment stars. International recording artist Akon headlined the show, although anyone who watches YouTube videos even occasionally (which is pretty much all of us) would have recognized some of the folks at the live party.

I was thrilled to see friend of theKbuzz Katers17. I was also psyched to see the world debut of "In My Name", a music video dedicated to the Millenium Development goals to end poverty by 2015.

Most of all, I was excited to see YouTube go live. At a time where traditional tv is hurting, online live tv was alive and well last night. Sure there were unfunny and dumb moments, but what awards show doesn't have these poorly-written and worse-executed segments. All in all, it was cool to see the freaks, weirdos, and talents of YouTube come together and show the world that YouTube video directors and stars are here to stay.