All theKbuzz Wants For Christmas...An Open Letter To Our Friends At Facebook

Dear Santa Facebook,

Over here at theKbuzz, we've been really good kids this year. We've been honest and authentic...and, well, we talk about you quite a lot. We've shown clients and friends the benefits of and differences between Facebook Pages, Groups, and individual profiles. We've whined for hours on our blog about how to correctly advertise on your medium, and the significant meaning behind building a community on your site. We love your ability to target. You're generally our fave social network for clients. In short, we adore you.

While drinking hot cocoa and wrapping our presents this weekend, we came across a little hashtag on Twitter called #2013. Not nearly as big as, say, a Motrin Moms level of Tw-involvement...but still we were intrigued. Through the twitterverse, we were introduced to, a blog from a Butler University's Brad J Ward, who uncovered the scandal where a company infiltrated groups galore all over your site. Finally, when our fave pal Andy blogged about it, we knew that it was serious business.

Anyway, Dave wrote a piece on how he felt about the whole thing, and authenticity being important, and all that jazz. But that's not what I want to talk to you about. Here it is. Now, I understand that groups are all fun and games. You can make a group about farting, about liking chicken on the bone, about toe jam, even. But you specifically designed Facebook Pages to be for businesses and brands. Here's my plea to you. When I created theKbuzz network on Facebook, I needed an email address from theKbuzz to do so. In fact, I couldn't even join the network of my alma mater because I didn't have an email address back in the days when I went to college (and walked barefoot to school in the snow!). Why on earth wouldn't you require the same thing of pages? That way, brandjackers who are inauthentic CANNOT misrepresent themselves. The way it is now, brandjackers could set up a page for ANY brand, with or without their permission. They could misrepresent their brand, screw with it, etc. Eventually, yes, brands could contact you and take it down. But isn't it easier to just have an authentic email from the source?

Now listen, Santa Facebook-- if you were to grant my holiday wish, it would no longer enable me to actually set up pages for my clients. But guess what? That's okay-- because, as an agency we should work hand in hand with our clients. Those that misrepresent are brandjackers. And Santa Facebook? Guess what? Brandjackers are making brands...brands that have ONE HUNDRED percent of their current and future clientele on your space....TERRIFIED to join the conversation. So you need to fix it. For me. For the sake of social media. And, seriously, for YOU. You need to show that businesses can play on Facebook in an unobtrusive, authentic way, and that those that are obtrusive and INauthentic will not be tolerated.

In exchange, we promise to continue to be your biggest fans. Happy Holidays, and tell all the little elves in Palo Alto that we say hi!

Your Pal,

and theKbuzz