BMD Holiday Edition: Does Christmas keep the Post Office in Business?

The last couple of days, I've sent out lierally thousands of Merry Christmas emails, Facebook Fan Updates, MySpace friend updates, and Twitter follower updates, all basically saying the same thing- Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, and maybe even Joyful Kwanzaa.

Of course, I've also received hundreds of "cards" and/or holiday messages through those same channels. And while I enjoy sending out those emails and updates, and enjoy receiving them even more, there's really nothing like the old-fashioned Christmas or holiday card by mail. This morning, I marveled at the dozens of cards my wife and I put up on our wall, with beautiful families and friends (and pets!). Then I came into the office to receive (probably) the last of our office / client / vendor holiday cards, and was touched by one in particular that (no kidding) brought a tear to my eyes.

Facebook updates aren't bringing any tears.

Holiday cards aren't the only important snail mail that's sent this time of year. Let's not forget the ultimate word-of-mouth legend Santa Claus and the hundreds of thousands of Dear Santa letters sent and answered by the amazing folks at the USPS through Operation Santa. And while even they are changing with the times, (I even found Santa Claus on Twitter!), I having a feeling kids will be writing letters to Santa for a long time to come.

So even though most of the year, I resent all of the direct mail companies killing trees, utlities companies who refuse to do simple online billing, and seemingly-endless supply of magazines which somehow come our way, each December, I'm thankful for the joy that snail mail can still bring.

Thanks USPS, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Joyful Kwanzaa to one and all!

***Buzz Marketing Daily will be taking a few days off for the holiday, and will be daily again on Monday, December 29th. Happy and Merry! :)