Facebook Connect...another Beacon Program???

Facebook recently announced it will soon roll out its Facebook Connect login system to several high-profile websites, including Digg, Geni, Hulu and Discovery.com. The sites, along with a few others, will begin supporting Facebook Connect within a few weeks according to The New York Times.

Facebook Connect is the company's technology which lets Facebook users participate on other websites using their Facebook IDs. Along with an easy login, the user gets the option of re-broadcasting whatever they do on the third-party site to all of their friends within Facebook. This technology is very similar to that of the Beacon advertising program, which Facebook removed due to privacy concerns.

Facebook has been very careful about not falling into the same trap with Connect as they did with the Beacon program. They have reached out to users warning them that this information will be shared and allows users to set up their privacy settings on Facebook and apply them to other sites.

From the ads I receive on my own Facebook account, it is obvious that advertisers do not know how to advertise on Facebook. The good I see coming out of this as mentioned in the New York Times, is that ads may be able to be more targeted and personalized to our desires if Facebook is allowed to share, with our permission of course, the saved information on our profiles.

As a marketer I think the Facebook Connect is pretty interesting and will be able to give us some better insight into consumers and creates an extremely social web.
As an individual, I believe this is really strange and a bit scary to have my online activity being seen by friends. I guess I will be one of the many opting out of using Facebook Connect.