Google Friend Connect-- My new Best Friend.

In what is sure to be a direct response to Facebook Connect, Google has jumped into the social media mix and announced yesterday that they have launched Google Friend Connect. According to Googleblog, Friend Connect makes it easy for anyone to sign in to a website, share a little bit about themselves through a personal profile, discover other people with similar interests, invite their contacts, and interact with friends.

Much like Facebook Connect, you do not have to go through the process of creating another username and password. Friend Connect allows you to log in using one of your existing accounts, be it Google, Yahoo, AOL or OpenID. You can choose to either establish a new profile or use profiles and friend sources from other social networks that have opened up their services, like Plaxo and orkut. What I like about Friend Connect is the simplicity behind it. To put it up on your website or blog all you have to do is copy and paste the HTML coding, which is a joy for me because I know nothing about HTML.

Friend Connect's goal is to facilitate an open social web and make it simple for people to instantly interact with one another. I was not totally sold on Facebook Connect and I’m not sure if I am totally sold on Friend Connect either but then again it took me a while to get into the Facebook craze. I do believe I would use Friend Connect before I wandered down the path of Facebook’s program because I trust Google much more and the failed Facebook Beacon Program adds to my worrying mind about how successful the two Connect programs will be. What can I say; I’m a sucker for Google.

View the video here to see how to use Google Friend Connect.