Have you heard about #TweetmasFuture?

Chances are - you haven't. In light of ominous e-mails and articles warning against gift cards this holiday season in the midst of recession, ChristmasFuture is promoting its charity gift cards through its #tweetmasfuture meme. 100% of all gift card proceeds go to a charity project of the giver or receiver's choosing. The #tweetmasFuture goal is to raise $20,000 by Christmas Day (the meme launched last week on December 16th) and has raised over $14,000 so far.

While I'm always supportive of charity projects and I absolutely love the idea of charity gift cards, I'm a little disappointed by ChristmasFuture's use of Twitter. Last month's Tweetsgiving project (which was more or less the same exact premise) raised over $10,000 in just 48 hours, garnering over 1,000 followers on Twitter in the process. ChristmasFuture, by contrast, only has 230 followers (following 220), and I've yet to spot #tweetmasfuture anywhere on Trending's top 10. I suppose I could have missed it while I was out shopping this weekend, but I doubt that either of my bosses would have missed it. I suppose the proof of the campaign's success is in the amount raised so far in proportion to ChristmasFuture's goal, but I'm having a hard time believing that a great deal of that 14k was raised thanks to Twitter posts, all things considered. Why call the campaign "TweetmasFuture" if it it isn't spreading like wildfire through the Twitterverse? I hope to see a lot more Twitter activity for this campaign over the next 48 hours.