Is Scrabulous Back? Hasbro drops suit against App Developers.

I was just scouring the Washington Post when I read a little post about the Hasbro suit being dropped against the makers of Scrabulous! I wrote about this a while back. The AP reports that it's all over. For those of you living in a hole this summer, Scrabulous was the app that got "grownups" on Facebook. It was a neat online Scrabble-esque application developed by two dudes in Calcutta. Anyway, it pissed of Hasbro, and as a result, the Calcutta boys were shut DOWN.

So, my question to all of you is, what the heck was it all for? Hasbro was slow to the social media game. Scrabulous came in. Hasbro kicked them out. Hasbro sues Scrabulous folk. Hasbro builds app that has far fewer users than Scrabulous. Hasbro drops suit. To me, it all seems like a big waste of time. Was it the right thing to drop the suit? I think so. But was it the wrong thing to sue them in the first place? YES.

Bottom line- social media is about sharing. Play nice in the sandbox. Embrace those who emulate. PARTNER with those who emulate well. And save yourself a WHOLE lot of legal fees.