Nine for '09: Our New Year's Resolutions for the Smart and Savvy Marketer

As 2008 winds down, we'd like to look forward to 2009 and all it will bring. This is a scary time to be in business, and perhaps an even scarier time to be in advertising, public relations or marketing. But we strongly believe that those marketers who fully embrace the rapidly changing landscape and enter the conversation with their fans, customers, and potential customers will see dividends, both short-term and long-term. Without further ado then, we present, Nine for '09:

1) Be transparent and authentic in your communication. Be natural, not slickly produced.

2) Help your clients spend their dollars as if they were your own. Small companies and large companies alike will all continue to tighten their belts, and you should be respectful and appreciative of each and every dollar.

3) Embrace new media and new technologies, and try not to fear them. Have an open mind about the best ways to help your clients grow.

4) Stop trying to interrupt the conversation with advertising, and start joining the conversation with value.

5) Use incredible targeting mechanisms through platforms like Facebook, MySpace, and Google. Eliminate waste in your marketing plans whenever possible.

6) Be vulnerable enough to let your customers and fans give you feedback, publicly. Actually listen to them.

7) Educate yourself. Then re-educate yourself the next day. Things are changing, faster than ever. Learn before your competition does.

8. Show your friendship first. Help people, and companies, sharing your knowledge, ideas, and contacts.

9) Have fun, and be passionate about your company and/or clients. If you can't be passionate, find another job. Seriously.

Here's to a successful '09 for all of you! Any resolutions you'd add to my list?