Want a poken? Good luck!

When I heard about this adorable concept called Poken, I immediately surfed over to the website to figure out more. The Poken is a USB keychain that stores your social networking profiles and contact information and transfers this information to other pokens when "tapped" together. Shaped like a four-fingered palm connected to different animal shapes, the Poken glows different colors to let you know that your information was transferred successfully. Plugging the USB drive into your computer pulls up all of the information you received from your social interactions onto the website, and you can organize the info alphabetically or chronologically to show where and when you met your contacts.

Mashable raises two very valid points: that these keychains are essentially worthless until a great number of people start carrying them around, and that this information exchange is something already offered through several cell phones. So for me, the real issue becomes the price of a Poken. I mean, if I can get a few friends to split a pack of 12 for a few bucks a pop, it'd be worth the try. Yet when I click to purchase the pack of 12, the site instructs me to create an account in order to access the order form. I grudgingly move to comply... but am then told that I need a Poken in order to create an account. WHAT?! Okay, fine - I surf on over to the French and German boutique sites supposedly selling them individually - nada. I even clicked to find out more about their "viral distribution network" and it prompted me for my login info AGAIN! How do I get my hands on one of these?!

Aside from solving the obvious distribution issues, I have one piece of advice for Poken: if there is a way you can enable the Pokens to sync up to bluetooth-enabled cell phones with similar capabilities, you'll be golden. The Pokens are presumably (since I have no real evidence of this) much cheaper than these phones, and as much as the iPhone continues to be all the rage, plenty of us have yet to upgrade.

Oh, I also have one more freebie for you - remake your stupid video, it's atrocious. It does not take 7 minutes to explain this concept:

TLDW; tap pokens with others, exchange social networking information. Did that really require 7 minutes of my time?