A Day of Change: 5 Simple Ways to Use Social Media & Word of Mouth Marketing to Change the Way You Do Business Today!

On this Inauguration Day, there is lots of talk about change, in our country and beyond. Today, we'll focus on individual change, to benefit you and your company. Do you have more ideas on the way you or your company does business for the better? Comment with your suggestions!

5 Simple Ways To Change Today:
1. Monitor the Conversation: Go to Twitter's Search Feature and type in your company name (if you work for a big company-- chances are you'll be there). If not, try looking up conversation about your industry or related keywords. With 8 million people using Twitter, and this number growing daily, you'll find a lot of related conversation, I promise.

2. Join the Conversation: If you're not a user yourself yet, join Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Don't be afraid to mix your personal and professional life. This is how life is now.

3. Be Fantastic: Seriously. When people ask, "How are you?", answer "Fantastic!" with a smile. You'll be surprised at how this will actually put you in a better mood, and others around you too.

4. Talk to Your Customers, Personally. Pick up the phone and call your 5 best customers or clients, ask them for 5 minutes of their time, and ask them what they like and don't like about your company-- no strings attached. Do the same with 5 non-customers.

5. Dedicate Time to Learning: We can all learn something new online, every single day. Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day exclusively to learning and sharing.

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