Free DIY Widgets, HTML Code: Will this signal a decline in web design / programmers / etc?

John of Duct Tape Marketing posted a great link today from Digital Inspiration, "How to Embed Almost Anything in Your Website." It includes easy-to-follow instructions for putting RSS feeds, videos, music, photos, slideshows, events, charts, PowerPoint presentations, flash, and lots more into an HTML-based site.

This is an amazing resource, and it gets me thinking. Social media has allowed individuals and business to create their own web presence through blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc. - will the continuation of do-it-yourself HTML code and widgets, now available to any Joe the Plumber (or other businessperson) allow people to create their own great company websites?

Already, people make their own blogs, and such blogs have gotten better and better. Sure, huge companies may want a lot of fancy bells and whistles- but most companies can probably do without.

Besides, with Web 2.0 and soon 3.0 upon us, content is king. Consumers want great content- and don't care as much for the bells and whistles.

A decline in the need for web programmers, designers, etc?