Hannah Montana Magic 8 Ball Predictions for Social Media in 2009

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I'm currently staring at a Hannah Montana Magic 8 ball, which is sitting in my office, left here by my 5 1/2 year old. With tons of new subscribers in just 8 hours, I'm trying to also think of a hot topic. So, I'm combining the two, and using Hannah Montana 8 ball to predict the future of social media. She knows about as much as all of us do, really. No matter how much of an expert you think you are, the truth is, this is happening at a fast and furious speed.

1. Facebook will step up and fix the Pages/Profiles situation. Hannah 8ball: IT IS DECIDEDLY SO.

2. Twitter figures out how to monetize without offending the community. Hannah 8ball: DON'T COUNT ON IT.

3. Many marketers will shift spending to social media, but will fail because they don't devote the staff/time to making a real effort. (Think banner ads on social media sites) Hannah 8ball: YOU MAY RELY ON IT

4. Journalists will find themselves out of jobs at print pubs, and will shift to blogging/writing for companies. Hannah 8ball: BETTER NOT TELL YOU NOW

5. Inauthentic word of mouth campaigns that don't disclose their intent will be on the rise in 2009,as companies step into the space without understanding the medium. Hannah 8ball: AS I SEE IT, YES.

6. Consumers, pissed off at poor customer service from companies that are cutting staff, will angrily post their feelings about their miserable experiences with companies Hannah 8ball: REPLY HAZY, TRY AGAIN (depends on lawsuits, and the publicity of those lawsuits, after all. Hannah's no dummy.)

7. Blogging will die, replaced by micro-blogging. Hannah 8ball: MY ANSWER IS NO.

Not bad for a magic 8 ball. It may know more than I do! For more cutting edge predictions from me and my magic 8 ball, don't forget to subscribe through http://rss4ms.com!