Memo to Mark Zuckerberg: Save Facebook Before it Turns Into Myspace

Zuckerberg, we have a problem. Facebook is great! Ok, that's not the problem. The problem is, perhaps, that Facebook is so great, that every man, woman, child, and now company wants to get on Facebook.

I love Facebook as a platform to connect with friends and family and I love Facebook as a platform for companies to connect with their customers and fans.
I've blogged about how to set up Facebook Pages and about the differerences between individual profiles, groups, and pages for business.

Yet Mark, somehow my posts didn't stop many thousands of companies from setting up individual profiles instead of Pages. I get a dozen "friend requests" each day from companies and organizations. How can I be "friends" with NBC or the new York Humane Society? Now, MySpace is a total mess, and extremely hard to navigate if you're a business professional or representing a company. DON'T LET FACEBOOK BECOME ANOTHER CROWDED MESS. Facebook is so clean, so functional, and so viral (in the good sense of the word, not the ugly kinda gross sense)...PLEASE, MARK ZUCKERBERG, START DELETING ACCOUNTS THAT VIOLATE YOUR TERMS OF SERVICE, like the thousands of companies posing as individuals.

We love our Facebook, and want to keep using it as a valuable resource for ourselves and our clients. That's all. Now I gotta go delete 10 fake "company" friends so I can get a free Whopper.

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