Mom, will you be my Facebook friend?

We've been assuring our clients for a while now that slowly but surely, more and more adults are getting onto Facebook and other social media sites. According to this news report, a new research study proves it! The study, performed by the Pew Research Center, found that 35% of adults have at least one social network profile, up from 8% in 2005.

This new information just goes to show you that the social network scene is intriguing to everyone, not just brands and marketers looking for new ways to reach their audience. That's why it's so important for marketers and businesses in the first place! Facebook isn't just a bunch of college kids screwing around anymore; it's a bunch of college kids screwing around, recent college grads carefully monitoring their tagged photos of them still screwing around, and baby boomers just beginning to grasp the opportunities available through social networks to reconnect with old friends and maybe meet some new ones.

Considering these percentages with the fact that the late twenty-something to thirty-something bracket is the fastest growing demographic on Facebook right now, it's clear that if you don't already, now is the time to take these platforms seriously. And the percentage of adults present across Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. is only going to continue to grow as those of us who joined Facebook as college students back when it started grow older and become the 25-40 year olds making up that demographic. Then again, who knows what social media space we'll be hanging around by the time we get to that point?

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