PETA Proves Sex Still Sells

Well Super Bowl 43 is just around the corner and you know what that means. Time to have a few beers, enjoy some buffalo wings and get ready to view some of the best commercials of the year. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the football game itself!
It is pretty remarkable to think that a :30 spot for an ad will cost $3million dollars. With the economic troubles we are having and many companies cutting jobs and their budgets, one has to think is it worth it?

But this blog is not about the crazy amount of money being spent on ads. This blog is about the free publicity PETA has created through the use of a very steamy commercial entitled "Veggie Love". The ad was originally set to run during the big game, however NBC decided to remove it due to the very over the top sexual innuendos that appear in the clip. It features a slew of beautiful women who are doing some very inappropriate things with their vegetables and ends with a message the reads, "Vegetarians Have Better Sex. Go Veg".

The best part is, this ad has already created a ton of buzz for PETA and they did not have to buy into the ad spot. The yanked video has over one thousand views on Youtube and the blogging community has been debating whether NBC should have pulled it or allowed it to be running during the game. Just goes to show you that sex still sells and is a very strong driving force in business. I can't help but think, did PETA create this add to be so blatantly steamy and give NBC no other option but to pull the plug on it before it went live? This would be a genius move if it is the case because they have really capitalized on the power of Super Bowl ads and they are not even in it! PETA is also no stranger to having ads pulled or using guerrilla style tactics to spread the word about their organization. They have had about eight videos banned from television, however none have been on such a huge platform as the Super Bowl.
I definitely feel NBC did the right thing by not running the ad. The Superbowl is a family event and ever since the Janet Jackson fiasco, NBC likes to play it safe when it comes to hot button topics. For those of you who have not seen the too hot for T.V. ad I have included it below.

I hope you all enjoy the game and there are a bunch of good commercials. Be sure to check back here as I am sure some of us will have something to say about them and feel free to leave your opinion on whether you think the ad should have been allowed to run.

Just for fun, my Super Bowl prediction: Cardinals with an upset over the Steelers 24 to 21!

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