Snuggie Blankets: A Brand That Still Neglects Social Media! Why?

I was browsing the web when I found an article about the Snuggie blanket. The Snuggie blanket launched nationally on a direct-response TV ad in October and I almost fell out of my seat when I saw the sales numbers they had reached in just 3 months (4 million sales totaling roughly $40 million). The ad somehow has become part of a pop culture following, having been discussed and worn on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the video has almost 300 parodies on YouTube and the blanket has multiple Facebook group and fan pages, the largest fanpage totaling over 6,000 fans.

What is also shocking is that Allstar Marketing has done absolutely nothing so far to cultivate any of the viral buzz. I could not stop from thinking what if? What if Allstar Marketing had invested, just slightly into social media. Can you imagine how many more sales they would have had. I just do not understand why most brands/companies continue to avoid using social media marketing in their favor.

Snuggie has a multitude of sources to tap into to create different word of mouth marketing programs (brand ambassador programs, fan video contests, special discount offers to name a few). Their Facebook fan page has a huge following but it is not regulated or even monitored by a Snuggie affiliate. Why is this? Are brands afraid of negative feedback? Do they only care about the money paid by customers and once it is collected you are supposed to be on your merry way, never to be heard from again? Do they not have the time to interact with customers? I just do not get it! Any thoughts you may have about this topic, please feel free to post.

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