The White House: it's the new (or old) Office Space

I can't imagine I'm alone in expressing how horrified I was while reading this article from the Washington Post today. I always thought that the White House had to be one of the coolest, hopping-est places to work EVER! Yet the Washington Post painted a much more dismal image: malfunctioning phone lines, Facebook firewalls, and computers and (few) laptops that only run 6-year old Microsoft software?! Quel horreur!

There's been so much chatter throughout the blogosphere, twitterverse, etc. from all of us who are guessing/dreaming about how our new President will integrate social media communications into his position and into the White House in general. What are we supposed to think now that we know how outdated the hardware itself is? Obviously the administration has way more important things to take care of than updating Obama's twitter feed, but when everyone's banking on this supposed new spirit and confidence in "change," the White House should be far from exempt.

In as good spirits as I am in regards to our newly inaugurated President Obama, I do feel the need to make this small request: please don't forget the platform (and associated platform users) that did so much to revolutionize your campaign and get you to where you are now! They can be just as, if not more so, helpful to you in achieving your goals as President as they were in achieving your goals as a candidate.

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