Vitrue's Social Media Index Helps Brands Intergrate Social Media

Upon scanning the web to find some interesting articles about social marketing, I noticed a trend of Vitrue, Inc. and their response to emerging social media. What is everyone blogging and talking about? Vitrue recently announced the launch of its Social Media Index (SMI), a proprietary reporting technology, which provides an easy to understand measurement of your brand's online conversations. Their sample set represents different dimensions of social interactivity, which include:

* Social Networking - general sharing
* Video Sharing - high engagement of viewing time and authenticity of dimension
* Micro-Blogs - key influencers who chatter and actively push content
* Photo Sharing - social meta data
* Blogs - general blogsphere, commentary mentions

"Vitrue's model is based on helping brands maximize social media by
measuring, planning and executing," explains Reggie Bradford, CEO of Vitrue."

The Social Media Index is a very cool function and extremely easy to use. All you have to do is type in a brand name or phrase and data about that brand's online conversation will immediately be shown. Even better, you can enter two different brands and receive comparison data. Vitrue states on their website that they create measurable results, which is the one problem I. It is so hard to justify measurable results through the use of social media. Using social media should be thought of as a way to create an added benefit to a company/brand/or product and also as a way to give consumers a voice and the ability to express themselves and unite, to help build the brand and become better served by the brand. Today, more than ever, consumers are stakeholders in the development of a brand. We always say here at theKbuzz that a company can not exist without having a social media presence and this SMI tool is a great opportunity to see where your company stands in the social media field.