Watch Me Wednesday! Our 10 Fave Facebook Fan Pages-- Fan These Guys and Learn From the Best!

Okay, full disclosure-- some of these pages ARE our clients (we starred them). But some of them are not. We asked the office to vote on our absolute favorite fan pages-- pages that simply "get it right." Here's the list that we came up with:

1. The Learning Tower*: The Learning Tower page's layout itself is actually very simple, which gives more attention to the dozens of wall and discussion posts from fans looking to win a tower, or just show their support!

2. The Brooklyn Cyclones*: The Brooklyn Cyclones page was created by theKbuzz after transferring over the members of the team's former Facebook group. Updates were sent out and posted all over the page inviting fans to purchase tickets for their "Baracklyn" event and within 10 minutes of going on sale this morning, over 600 tickets were sold!

3. Barack Obama: On this Inauguration Day, over 3,000 comments have been posted since 9am. There's no denying President (ooh!) Barack Obama's success in the social media realm, and so we have to highlight his as our favorite political page.

4. CareerBuilder has done some amazing things with their pages, but our FAVE feature is the "Featured Job Pages" section, where CareerBuilder links you with Facebook pages of companies that are hiring! NEAT!

5. Mari Smith: You have got to hand it to Facebook and Relationship Marketing Coach Mari Smith-- she is the queen of relationship marketing on Facebook. Check out the videos and resources on her page for LOTS of great info on social media marketing-- it's all there, on her Facebook Page!

6. M&Ms: Truth be told, this isn't one of our favorite pages. But it's a great page that demonstrates how a company who is not FULLY ready to join the conversation can maintain a presence on FB. Not really any interactivity, but a nice looking place for fans to gather.

7. Babies R Us: A really good up and coming page-- brand spankin' new, with lots of great offers!!!

8. Aboveground Realty*: Welcome to the FIRST realtor Facebook Fan Page. This small business was early into the Facebook movement, and gathered lots of local fans as a result. Now, they have grown their base, and find this to be a large part of their marketing strategy.

9. National MS Society, Long Island Chapter*: The National MS Society, Long Island Chapter is a perfect example of a Facebook page that started as a group and migrated over to become a page.

10. Social Media For Small Business, Powered By Dell: Another genius page with great info for small businesses. Our favorite part of this page is the title...after all, these titles are recognized by Google. Try googling Social Media For Small Business, and see what you get.

To see more pages that theKbuzz loves, visit our Favorite Pages portion of our Facebook Page.

* Pages created and developed in conjunction with the client by theKbuzz

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